About Us

The American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI) represents America’s frozen food and beverage makers. Our members are farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, makers of prepared meals, suppliers and distributors that provide over 670,000 American jobs. It is our mission to advocate across a diverse spectrum of frozen foods and share the benefits of frozen.

Our Impact

Frozen foods provide Americans with convenient access to safe, nutritious food. The frozen food industry employs over 670,000 workers in the United States alone and represents $72 billion dollars in sales.

The Frozen Food Foundation was founded to support research and education on the nutritional, safety and societal attributes of frozen foods. The Foundation also awards excellence in food safety research through the Frozen Food Foundation Freezing Research Award.

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Meet Your Frozen Food makers

There is a story behind every frozen food. From the ingredients that are picked and prepared at the peak of freshness to the people involved in every step of creation, frozen food makers take pride in feeding you. We invite you to learn more about the industry, it’s 670,000 employees, and the journey from the farm to your freezer.

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Path to Frozen

Freezing is nature’s pause button. Freezing simply pauses just-picked, just-baked and just-crafted foods, keeping them at their peak of freshness and locking in their flavor and nutrients.

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Market Insights

The 2021 Power of Frozen report combines the results of more than 1,500 consumer surveys with retail measurement and consumption data from IRI. Done in partnership with FMI – the Food Industry Association this report aims to bring an understanding of consumers perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors regarding frozen food to help the industry optimize production, marketing, merchandising and branding decisions.

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Frozen Food Facts

We rounded up the most common and persistent myths about frozen foods. Read on to find out the real deal!