How to Safely Enjoy Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

It's important to follow preparation and cooking instructions on frozen foods and to understand the difference between frozen fruits and frozen vegetables.

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Frozen Fruits

Frozen fruits don’t bear cooking instructions because they are best enjoyed right out of the bag.

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Frozen Vegetables

Need to be cooked according to package cooking instructions for safety and quality.

Both frozen fruit and frozen vegetable manufacturers follow stringent food safety practices.

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Frozen Fruits

Most frozen fruits may naturally prevent or reduce the growth of potentially harmful bacteria.

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Frozen Vegetables

Frozen vegetables may not prevent growth of potentially harmful bacteria. Always follow the package cooking instructions to guarantee your frozen vegetables are safe to eat.

Note: this cooking step is especially important for consumers who fall in vulnerable populations (pregnant women, infants, elderly and immunocompromised).

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Consumers should feel confident in enjoying the convenience, nutrition and safety of frozen produce.

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Frozen Fruits

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Frozen Vegetables

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