Nutritious & Enjoyable

Americans are busy. Their lives are filled with demands and distractions. That’s what’s great about frozen foods: they fit every family’s lifestyle without compromising nutrition or taste. Frozen foods are ready when you are and that means more time to enjoy wholesome, tasty meals with family and friends. In fact, studies conducted by the Universities of Georgia and UC-Davis, in partnership with the Frozen Food Foundation, reveal that the nutritional value of some frozen fruits and vegetables is actually greater than fresh-stored produce. In addition, frozen foods provide nutrition information and portion guidance to help meet the individual needs of consumers.

Read the whitepaper on menu modeling to learn how to incorporate convenient, affordable and healthy frozen foods into a daily meal plan that is consistent with recommended dietary guidelines.


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Achieve the Dietary Guidelines for Americans with Frozen Foods

Americans are striving for nutritious and affordable meal options that are easy to prepare. To evaluate the feasibility, nutritional value and affordability of a weekly menu consisting primarily of frozen foods, menu modeling was used to bring recommended U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) food patterns to life with frozen foods.